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Gitaarles van John van der Veer
Linker- en rechterhandtechnieken – zowel met de vingers als het plectrum – harmonieleer , toonladdersystemen, timing en toonvorming...


Engelse NAIM label heeft reeds 1800 cd's verkocht van 'The Ark'!

About North Sea Guitars

The purpose of this web-site is to keep you informed about North Sea Guitars, a portal containing the musical activities of composer and guitar player John van der Veer.

The information includes new CD- and
DVD-releases, concert dates, reviews, biographies of musicians who participate on CD’s and/or in concerts, as well as other musically or technically relevant comments, reviews and links.

The first project of North Sea Guitars is "The Ark" ('Guitar by the Sea'), a repertoire of compositions and arrangements for five acoustic guitars. The music reveals the affection for a variety of musical styles, including classical, pop, flamenco and Latin-American music. The instruments are, likewise, not limited to one type of guitar, but exploit the entire acoustical range: nylon stringed classical and flamenco guitars, steel-stringed western and gypsy-style guitars, fretted and fretless bass guitars, requintos and cuatros. This mixture of styles, guitars and techniques (classical and flamenco, finger picking, slide and alternate picking) result in a unique blend of new and amazing acoustic guitar sounds.

"The Ark" is available on CD that can be ordered on the site of NAIM. Information about concert dates, the musicians, the instruments and the nine tracks on the album can be found on this site, including 30-second samples of each track.

Information about the concerts in the Dutch region is given to you in the native language, because that concerns only, or mainly, the Dutch audience. The music itself wants to cross every existing and non-existing border in our solar system. Pluto, here we come!